My simple workout routine

This is not a muscle building routine, neither a strength/performance oriented one, just something that keeps my joints moving, keeps me fit and pain free – I’m sitting 10+ hours every day (job) and I always had random joint and back pains before I started exercising.

I work out 5-6 times a week, alternating upper and lower body exercises.
I have weights, a custom built power rack, an outdoor pullup bar, I do compound exercises with weights and bodyweight.
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How I got rid of my Psoriasis

This is my success story about clearing my psoriasis.

I have always had dry skin on my knees and elbows and a dry patch on my right ankle. I didn’t pay much attention on it during the years except from moisturizing it sometimes. Then when I was 27 in 2005, it started to spread slowly. It got worse every year, more spots have started to appear and became more red, the scaling has started also.
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How to add a thermostat to your food dehydrator

When I started with a healthier diet to help my psoriasis I learned that many foods can be prepared and preserved raw using a food dehydrator. I picked up the cheapest one I found, with round stackable trays. I knew that in order to keep the food raw – to keep the enzymes intact – the temperature in the dehydrator should be between 44 and 48C (112-118F). I measured the temperature in the dehydrator and it was around 65C (149F). Too much, I had to do something about it. More expensive units have inbuilt thermostats so the temperature can be set as needed. My idea was to add a thermostat to my dehydrator.
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Hello world!

Welcome to This is my first post. I ran this blog years ago focused on web development and free web tools until my server crashed and I only had a corrupted db backup. Now I plan to post about everything I can think of..