How I got rid of my Psoriasis

This is my success story about clearing my psoriasis.

I have always had dry skin on my knees and elbows and a dry patch on my right ankle. I didn’t pay much attention on it during the years except from moisturizing it sometimes. Then when I was 27 in 2005, it started to spread slowly. It got worse every year, more spots have started to appear and became more red, the scaling has started also.

It didn’t take long for the general practitioner to diagnose it as Psoriasis Vulgaris (plaque psoriasis). He sent me to the derm who confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed Esperson (desoximetasone 0.25mg), I started to use it based on his recommendation. He said that it is a very stubborn disease and it’s difficult to treat. I was happy to see the spots looking better after a week and disappearing slowly. I went back to the derm, he checked the spots and prescribed a weaker Sinoderm (fluocinolone acetonide 0.025mg). In one month my skin was clear and I stopped using the creams.

Facing the truth

Soon after the treatment small red spots started to appear where the scales were, and they were spreading quickly, merging together, forming larger scaly spots, these merging to even larger spots. I started to take it more seriously now. I did some research and I quickly learned that there is no cure for this autoimmune disease/condition, that corticosteroids only work for some time, that they have pretty bad side effects and the rebound effect – that psoriasis returns worse as it was before the treatment (like in my case). My derm wanted to continue with the corticosteroid cremes, but I said no, I knew that the psoriasis will only return with vengeance. That was the first time I started to search for alternative methods. I found a natural moisturizer creme developed for my condition specifically, it contained dead sea salts, algae, lecithin and sesame seed oil. After about a month and two 200ml tubes the patches were smooth without scales but also bright red. I read that UV can help also, it was summer and I sun-bathed every day, twice for about 15 mins for two months. At the end of the summer my psoriasis looked about the same as before – neither got better nor worse. Obviously, the sun had some good effect on it but not enough to reverse it.  I had to do something. It looked like this then:

Alternative treatments

I did a lot of research by then, I learned that eliminating toxins, detoxification and healthier lifestyle can help my psoriasis. I was a pack a day smoker for 16 years so I knew where to start. I quit smoking cold turkey on Sept the 1st in 2009 and started exercising – 30 mins biking every day and some weight lifting. I used glycerine topically, took soda bicarbonate and dead sea salt baths.  Unfortunately things got worse as the winter approached. The patches were spreading to my forearms and lower legs, spots were appearing on my torso and ears too.

Psoriatic Arthritis

About that time I started having joint pains. First in my right shoulder, then left shoulder, right knee, two fingers on my left hand then my right wrist. The pain was severe, I hardly could sleep. I had to stop with biking and weights. The doctor ordered a blood test in order to check the rheumy factor, but it was negative, then he sent me to a rheumatologist who said it’s most likely related to my psoriasis – it is called Psoriatic  Arthritis – and there is no cure for it either. He took x-rays of my joints, but there were no visible signs of degeneration yet. I had to take a few ibuprofen capsules every day to relieve the pain. My skin got worse and worse, I had to do something to be able to go to the beach with the kids that summer – I went back to desoximetasone, and after 3 tubes my skin was nearly clear.

2010 NovemberI continued with a less potent corticosteroid to prevent the rebound effect but I developed a severe folliculitis everywhere where I used the cremes. I had to stop and the patches returned quickly and of course worse than it was before. It was end of October 2010 and my skin looked on the picture on the left.

It got worse every year so far and I knew that soon my whole body will be covered. I said now I’ll try everything. I started using cold pressed oils (coconut oil, sesame seed oil, olive oil) internally and topically, I took milk thistle for liver detoxification, did coffee enemas, liver flushes, detox teas and I started also with taking a formula called “Barney’s formula” which consists of:

  • Vitamin D3 – cholecalciferol – 1000 – 4500 IU (less in summer more in winter)
  • Multivitamin
  • Selenium – 200mcg – I took Brazilian nuts, 2 of them has the required amount
  • Vitamin B12 – 250 mcg
  • Folic acid – 400 mcg
  • Flax seed oil 2x 1000mg
  • Fish oil 2 x 1000mg
  • Calcium 400mg
  • Ibuprofen 200mg (I took a few 400s already for joint pain)

First results

To my surprise the first time so far the psoriasis started to look better during that winter. I had no idea why because I did so many things at once, but it worked and I didn’t want to stop anything. My joints got better too, I was able to lift weights again, slowly increasing the weight each workout. I have even built a power rack to make my workouts safer.  As the summer approached I was pretty sure that I’d have a clear one this year.

I started with sun-bathing also, because of that I lowered the Vitamin D intake to 3000 IU (the body synthesizes it from sunlight exposure). I got pretty confident at this stage and slowly I started to drop some of the formula ingredients (as I ran out of them), and soon the P started to get worse. I knew that I’m very close to the solution and I started to take again fish oil, milk thistle, selenium, folic acid, I started a gluten and dairy free raw food diet but kept the Vitamin D3 at 3000 IU during the summer. My P did not change much. At the end of the summer I ran out of D3 completely, I was very busy then and I was more than a month without it.

The Clearing

2011 Summer

2011 Summer

The P started to get worse again. I got a large supply of D3 and started to take 9000 IU every day. Within a week my P started to look noticeably better and in about 2 months I was 99% clear, a few small spots remained on my knees and elbows and the only joint pain I had was (and it is) in my right wrist. I took the D3 alone now, so I can say that for me it is the thing that works. I lowered the dose to 5000 IU daily, it keeps me clear. Most likely my body has a problem with the D3 synthesis from sun (sun bathing alone has never helped much), now I’ll try to figure out why and maybe I can remain clear on lower doses of D3.

Psoriasis 2011 November

2011 November

Obviously the Vitamin D3 deficiency made my immune system function improperly and it caused Psoriasis because I have genetic predisposition for it. Many genes are associated with this genetic predisposition and no one knows how they work together, this is why this disease is so difficult to treat – different people have a different gene combination, different factors trigger their psoriasis and a different treatment works for them. I just wanted to share my story, maybe it helps someone to get rid of their psoriasis too.

Most people have Vitamin D3 deficiency, I suggest to everyone to check their Vitamin D3 levels (although I never did) and to consult their doctor before taking high doses of D3. Experts recommend 10 000 IU as the upper limit, so I consider the amount I take safe.

29 thoughts on “How I got rid of my Psoriasis

  1. inspiring!
    What kind of D3 are u taking?
    i have been using the drops of
    1k – 2K ui, twice a day.
    Had clearing one week but may need to up dosage like u.
    Have u been eating whatever u feel like? Drinking alchole occassionally & has there been any effect while still sticking with
    5K ui D3?

    • Hi,
      I take the D3 from different manufacturers, I’m always trying to get the cheapest one.
      I found that one of my main triggers is sugar, my remained patches on my knees and lower legs become red and start itching after eating cookies.
      I can have a few beers weekly without any effect on the P.

  2. Great information and awesome that you did such a good job documenting! Wanted to add the warning to readers to be sure to read up on the importance of adding vitamin k2 when taking high doses of d3! Thanks so much for community sharing! Thiis is how this life changing dreadful condition will finally be overcome.

  3. Hi Arnold, just came across your great blog today while I was doing the usual psoriasis cure google search. Thanks for sharing your information, and well done for clearing your skin! Wondering if your psoriasis is gone for good now?

    • Hi,
      I still have a few stubborn patches on my knees, elbows and lower legs but nothing like it was before starting with the D3.

      • Same here. I just ate 4 blocks of herseys dark chocolate and my itch.

  4. Awesome blog, I lived in Seattle for 10 years and was SEVERELY D deficient. My psoriasis was as bad yours was, I started taking D and going to tanning beds and it cleared up so quick, I initially started the D3 for a multitude of severe symptoms; loss of hair, depression, etc etc the clearing of my skin was a surprise. The importance of D is critically underestimated. Way to go.

    • Thanks for your comment. My wife had severe depression every winter, I started giving her 6K D3 for the past year and this winter she was a lot better.

  5. Hi everyone i hope this helps anyone suffering from psoriasis.
    I too have suffered with this skin problem since i was 16.
    I have always used exorex lotion which I found very good but have always wished it would go away completely.
    I am now 48 and recently I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and a severe vitamin D dificiency. This would explain why my hair has been thinning around the hairline since my teens.
    I have been prescribed colecelceferol 20000 iu which I have to take x3
    Once a week for 10 weeks.
    I have only just started taking the tablets and I have already noticed the redness of the psoriasis fading. I have also noticed my hair getting thicker
    And in much better condition. I have also been taking biotin 5000 daily for help with the hair growth.
    I really hoped this has helped and I recommend anyone suffering from psoriasis to get a a defiency D test.

  6. I was so glad to find this blog… I have the same thing, Psoriatic Arthritis. It started when i was 19 and blew up in my early 20′s. I’m 25 now and nothing I’ve tried has worked. The dermatologist hasn’t been able to do much for me. I tried Humira and that didn’t help at all. I’m currently on Enbrel but that just covers the joint pain and does nothing for the psoriasis; mine anyways. I have been taking vitamin D3, although only 2000 IU weekly and 200 IU a day. From reading your post i’m thinking i’m not taking nearly enough. I’m also taking 3x 2mg methotrexate pils weekly and that hasn’t seemed to help either, maybe with the pain but that’s it. I will try more D3 as i have been tested and my Dr. noted i was very low. I have the psoriasis on my arms/legs and more recently my hands. My back and chest is nearly covered and it makes it impossible to sleep. It’s creeped onto my face, neck and ears as well. If anything changes i’ll post again.

  7. I have plague psiroacis and it just keeps coming back Im 17 and its becoming spring everyones getting ready for shorts and Im not. I’m so embarrassed and all most everyone’s rude to me about it saying I got scabies or something its just miserable. I had this cream over the winter N it took everything away + with t-plus gel. But like I said its coming back and it gets really bad during the summer/spring.
    But its so great! That you got cleared up! I wouldn’t wish psiroacis on my worst enemy its mad my depression and self esteem worse :(

  8. Hi,

    My name is Anissa, I was moved by your experience, since I,ve had psoriasis forever, never could really get rid of it, although they say there,s no cure for it, I wonder how far you are in the recovery, I would love to have some more details about the formula you’ve used, I’ m at a point where hopeless is the only word that comes to my mind, I’m thinking your advice could be my last hope,

    Pls tell me what to do

    Respectfully yours,


  9. hello, my son who is 26 has psoiasis covering his entire body, he has had uv treatments but it came back really bad,his scaling is everywhere, when he walks it just falls like rain from him,he has tried sunlight but again it comes back fast, he has no insurance until jan of 2014 do u think this would help him? any help please thank u sharon

  10. Great blog! Just wonder how you’re doing now?

    From what I’ve read, I don’t think that those with P are just low in vit D, they have fewer or abnormal receptors for it. “It is unknown whether psoriasis is related with an intrinsic abnormality of the vitamin D3 signaling pathway, and vitamin D3 analogs improve psoriasis by overcoming an intrinsic abnormality of the vitamin D3 signaling pathway in psoriatic skin.”

    Here a slideshow on the same: That being said, it’s good idea to have periodic blood tests as an excess of D can be toxic.

    Here is an excerpt from a scientific paper on UVB and Vitamin D in Psoriasis:

    I’ve been taking cod liver oil, Vit D3, and turmeric off and on for several years. I’m undiagnosed, but 99.9% sure I’ve dealing with late onset plaque P for the last 3 years. I believed I’ve been keeping it at bay with an organic diet, of which I’ve been whittling away at trying to knock it completely out. Much to my chagrin, it’s gotten worse lately. Thinking I might be allergic to wheat and lactose, I’ve gone to a nearly gluten and dairy and dairy free. I stopped eating eggs, one of my staples, nearly a month ago, as I heard it may aggravate “P”. I’ve lately cut down on protein, hearing a diet too rich in protein may be the problem, and started supplementing with trace mineral drops. (I understand magnesium is important andcan also be applied topically.)

    Reading your story, I think I’ll religiously take up cod liver oil, vit D3, increasing my dosage from 6,000 IU to 8,000 or 10,000, and start turmeric again.

    Have you also tried the application of vitamin D3 topically? Castor oil, ?

    Thanks again,

  11. I’ve had P for about a year and a half now. It started on the bottoms of my feet. Dermatologist gave me cream and Vestical? One spot broke out on my forearm and I starting using Infinity Aloe on it constantly! The spot disappeared but has had little effect on the spots that have been there longer. Will try the vitamin D3. I woke up this morning only to see new spots on my legs….. Thanks for the blog!

  12. Hi I’ve had p since I was 16 im now 39 through a viral throat infection. Was covered head to toe inc face. My p is now only visible on elbows ,1 knee and small amount on my scalp. 2 years ago I eliminated all cows milk products and started having soya milk, soya yoghurt. I read every label as cows milk is in so many food products including crisps, cheese, bread I still have these items but I make sure no cows milk is involved. Since this elimination my skin is virtually psoriasis free. I also take a daily supplement of Star flower oil 1000 which is fantastic for skin and joints. The only time it really flares up is when I drink white wine. Also had my tonsils removed as every time I got a throat infection it would cause a major flare up. Psoriasis come from the gut wall so what you eat effects your skin. Hope this helps xxx

  13. Thanks for everybody’s in put. I have what the Dr was sure was P and it looks and acts like it, thick and itchy and scaly on my feet and palms then it spread to my legs and it looks like your pictures. But a biopsy told it is psoriasisorm sponjiotic dermatitis. But that does not tell what causes it. I used several steroid creams and it got redder and I used salic acid and it burned. Then I got a virus and the Dr gave me some doxycycline and it got better. But 2 weeks after the antibiotic it came back worse. I went to an allergist and she did some blood tests CBC and others all came back neg. She did food allergy tests gluten wheat milk grapes [wine] and Celiac Disease all neg. The dermatologist said it was possibly caused by some drug I was taking. The only thing I take is Ibuprofen. I have taken it All my life. Starting with 800 for cramps when I was a teenager and all my life until menopause. Also for pain, I hung wallpaper for 20 years and now I am a potter for 24 years all very physical jobs and lots of back pain and shoulder.When he mentioned that I didn’t take any for about a month then I got the virus which at first I thought it was the flu. I was feeling pretty bad so I took some Ibuprofen and a week later everything got worse. Spots that had been fading in the middle with a red outer ring started in the middle again. So right now I am suffering through the pain. Pacing myself and not taking pain meds, but the Allergist put me on 100 mil doxycycline twice a day for a month it will be three weeks tomorrow and the improvement is slight. I am cautiously optimistic that it is the Ibuprofen. I can live with out it. I looked it up on the internet and skin problems are one of the side affects. Anyway I hope this helps somebody.Thanks everybody for taking the time to write.

  14. thanks for the blog i hope you can keep it up i have had it for 28 years its a pain. recently i went to the emirate islands and after 28 years it cleared on the fourth day!
    Tshirt = yes :)

    like it was never there, it was amazing then i came home to Scotland and it came back with me :(

    things that have helped: scale 1-10
    tar emollient for bath -6
    drinking plenty water (bottled)-5
    anti allergy bedding-3
    green tea-5
    neem leaf extract(disgusting)cleanses blood cells-0
    bitter melon juice(yukh horibble) – 5
    things to try!
    the dead sea
    d3 capsules thankyou!
    methotrexate( rather not)

  15. I never even thought to conceder that being vitamin d deficient could be a trigger your blog is very informative ty so much for sharing your story

  16. I have psoriasis on my scalp torso legs and intimate places. I have only had it for six months. I get realy down with the maintenance of this evil condition and found nothing makes any difference. I like a vodka i the evening and I do like my dairy foods may have to give these things up to see improvement. Has anyone found an improvement by not drinking and avoiding dairy. If it makes no difference why bother.

  17. That’s a brilliant article Arnold. Everything you’ve written is spot on. Things haven’t been going well for me in the last 7 days. I had P on my scalp first about 10 years ago. Then it spread just on one side of both the eyebrows (at the centre) and a bit on the forehead just above the space between the eyebrows. An oval white mark had appeared last year. it has gradually gone away. And later on, a red spot appeared on both sides of the nose. The patch turns reddish in summer and whitish in winter. But they never bothered at all. But now, the P on the sides of the nose have gone up on the nose. I apply Hydrozol ointment every now and then when it feels itchy. The itchiness has gone away but has left whitiish scars on both sides of the nose and even around my eyebrows. I’m suffering from low self-esteem because of these scars. I really love this girl I work with. We both love each other. Things were going great until the white scars appeared on my nose and all around my eyebrows and now I’m behaving like I don’t even know her.

    I’ve been thinking of committing suicide a lot. I’m not sure if those scars will be there forever or for a few weeks. I’m getting really impatient.

    This is the worst time I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t have a very good diet as well. I mainly live on junk food, cokes and chocolates.

    I’m thinking seriously to change my diet. To eat a lot of fruits and a no sugar diet and maybe eat at home mainly. Do you think that will help?

    I would live to hear from you mate. I’m just feeling terrible right now about the scars on my face. I feel gutted, completely down and out and I fear that it might spread more around my face. Feeling suicidal all the time. If these scars remain for the next 1 month, I wouldn’t want to live such a boring life. I’d rather take my life.

    From Perth, Down Under

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